In order to obtain a medical opinion, iMEDICAL CARE offers you a multidisciplinary team of doctors working in world-renowned hospitals.

Whether we are talking about certain specialties or some world-renowned clinics, our team will help you make the best decision and will always advise you while developing a plan with which you will agree.

Second medical opinion

advantages & benefits

The second medical opinion is required to confirm the diagnosis, establish the optimal therapeutic strategy and choose the best treatment methods.


Moreover, in the case of patients with a complex situation or unusual symptoms, obtaining a second medical opinion can reduce the risks, additional stress and unnecessary costs.


The second medical opinion in an international medical system facilitates access to competent medical teams, highly trained specialists, state-of-the-art medical treatments (not available in Romania) and innovative medical techniques that can save patients’ lives.

The procedure for accessing the medical opinion

and medical services within iMedical Care’s network of medical partners

  • The patient contacts iMedical Care in order to obtain a medical opinion.
  • The iMedical Care consultant will inform the patient about the medical documents required to obtain a medical opinion and the period of obtaining the medical opinion (within a maximum of 24 hours).
  • The patient selects the necessary medical documents, translates them into English and sends them to the iMedical Care consultant in order to obtain the medical opinion.
  • As soon as the patient takes possession of the medical opinion, he has the obligation to inform the iMedical Care consultant within 5 working days if he wants to carry out the medical investigations recommended in the medical opinion.

The patient’s medical record

in order to obtain the medical opinion

  • A short medical history in which the evolution of the disease and the treatments performed should be mentioned. It must be translated into English.
  • The patient’s latest medical report, which also contains an “Epicrisis” summary, also translated into English.
  • Latest blood test results.
  • The latest CT, MRI or PET CT imaging investigations, medical reports to be translated into English and accompanied by images related to the investigations.
  • Histopathological examination result (if applicable)
  • Immunohistochemistry test result (if applicable)

Note: CT, MRI and PET CT imaging investigations are accompanied, in addition to the Medical Report, by related CD images.


Please download all images and information from the CD, archive them and send them to us via WeTransfer at the email address provided by the iMEDICAL CARE consultant.

Medical opinion

contains the following information

  • Comments from the medical team regarding the medical file provided
  • Recommended medical services
  • The proforma invoice with the costs of the recommended medical services

How I pay

the medical services I will receive

  • The equivalent value of the medical services requested to be accessed within the Medical Partner, according to the received medical opinion, will be paid 48 hours before the appointment date established in the bank account within the proforma invoice received within the medical opinion.
  • Also, the value of the invoice can be paid directly to the Medical Partner at the moment of accessing the medical investigations.