After obtaining the Medical Opinion, the patient is assisted in order to organize the travel details to the Medical Partner in the iMEDICAL CARE network.

The patient is assisted for:

  • Organizing appointments for medical investigations according to the medical opinion received.
  • Organizing travel details (providing support for booking airline tickets)


Ensuring the transfer of the patient from the Airport to the Hospital, and later to the hotel.


Organizing the details of the accommodation (providing the necessary support in order to make reservations for accommodation) according to the list of available hotels according to the chosen Network Medical Partner.


The patient will be assisted throughout the medical investigations by a dedicated translator, speaking Romanian, English and Turkish.


Note: Patients can arrange the booking of airline tickets themselves and the hotel accommodation with the amendment that in this case, the patient must provide the flight and accommodation details in a timely manner so that the Medical Partner can arrange the transfer of the patient from the airport.